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Has my music ministry touched you in anyway?  If so, send me your testimony via Email, so I can post it.  Thanks!!



I appreciate New Abundant Life Ministries and evangelist.  A woman of God for coming out to inspire, comfort and feel us with the love and Gospel of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.     Rhonda Ford


If there ever was a time in my life to get serious with God and let him into my life nows the time.  Valarie Wallace


I appreciate New Abundant Life Ministries and Evangelist.  They really encourage me & inspire me to believe in Christ Jesus and to have faith in him more abundantly. Thank You  Lakesha Smith 


I appreciate New Thing Life.  You told a lot about the bible.  I learn a lot about the Lord.  Patricia Muse 


I appreciate New Life Ministries for coming into the jail with their prayers and Thank You.  I enjoy them coming and open up my spirit.  Than You Lord  Pamela Johnson


I appreciate the Ministries coming and show the word of God and it was very spiritual.  Thank You.  Marilyn Rivera


Im really glad to have been in the church this Sunday when Abundant Life Ministries touched my heart and helped me to make a choice in Christ today.  Amen Thank You Lord  Debra Washington


I appreciate you all coming out because God is good all the time.  Just have the faith so keep coming back (I love you all) and I believe in him everyday.  Shirley Smith


I thank God for allowing you all to come out and bring his message every week.  I look forward to service because #1 you keep it real.  #2 you break everything down to where any and everybody can understand #3. you  understand situations and you dont look down on us.  I look forward to Sundays because I know that Bro. Lee will be here to bring us the word.  Sis Sheila will be here to inspire us in song.  Sis Rose & Sis Lee always bring us words of encouragement.  And once again I thank God for allowing this services to be.  Danita Parsley.


Even though this is my first time in your church service I enjoyed it as soon as I walked in the door.  I would like to visit your church when I be released.  I would really enjoy the services.  God Bless you and your families.  Thank you for coming we need you and I thank God for you all.  God is so Good.  Gwendolyn M. Riley


I thank God for bringing you to hear his word.  Because of you showing me God;s word.  It has inspired, stregenth and filled my heart because you take the time to come has helped me improve the person I am today God Bless You.  Maria Morgan


Than you for taking time from your busy schedule to come all the way from Indiana to bring us Gods word.  We need this.  Janice Martin


Today was my very first time, but the impact of coming threw the door I just really touched my heart and your services was very beautiful and touching.  Thank You    Josephine Robinson.


I have to say that I believe that God is awesome and I am happy that he sent you to make me believe.  Lisa


I have to say that I believe that God send me to jail for a reason.  Maybe I would be dead if he didnt send me here and sent you to make me understand that I need to get back with him.  Kenya


Proverbs 31 is the woman I have become.  I have learned so much about Jesus Christ I found the Lord as a inmate.  I was a lost mother I had no parents I learn to Thank God for what he has done for me.  I also have learn to pray and learned about Jesus.  Why he did what he did for me then and now.  I know when I leave from here God will be with me.  He will protect me and as long as I do what the Bible say and live by the word of the bible and to not only understand but him.  Just trust in the Lord and love him with all my heart and mind and soul.  I know I have been changed.  I have a relationship with God in the name of Jesus Christ.  Thank You for coming in my life.   Sheila Jackson